Tiered Pricing

For Family Camp and Regular Day Camp sessions, we offer a voluntary three-tiered pricing model based on the needs of the family. This program is completely confidential and in no way affects the quality of the camp experience. Price selection is done strictly on an honor system. If you can afford to pay the full fee (Tier 3), please do so. If you cannot, simply select the price which is right for your family’s circumstances. You’ll be given the option to choose your rate during the registration process.

  • Tier 1 is a subsidized rate, funded by donations to the greatest extent possible, and provided for families whose children would not otherwise be able to attend camp.
  • Tier 2 reflects the basic cost of attending camp including food, staff, program supplies and limited maintenance expenses.
  • Tier 3 represents the actual cost of camp operations, including long-term wear, tear and depreciation. If you are able to pay this rate, please do so.

To view current rates, view the dates/rates page!

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