Staff Time Off Request

Please fill out the form below to request time off. If you have any questions, please contact your supervisor.

  • Time Off Requests

    Time off is scheduled to accommodate the needs of the unit and your campers. However, if you have a specific appointment or need, please use the following form (for example- doctor's appointments, meetings, etc). All requests must be made by Sunday at 10pm the week BEFORE the week you are scheduled to work. Unit leaders will try their best to accommodate these times, but it cannot be guaranteed. (form for cabin counselors and up- does not apply for E-team or JC)

  • Long Night Off Time Requests

    If you are working three consecutive weeks, you may also request a long night off time. This must be taken within that three week period and these do not accumulate. If you are under 18, your night off must be verified with your guardian before you are allowed to leave camp. Long Nights start at dinner and end at midnight. Unit leaders will try to best accommodate these requests but they cannot be guaranteed.

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