We need camp more now than ever.  For summer 2022, we will continually assess the current environment, consult with our camp physician and medical advisory team, and continue working hard to safely keep camp open for everyone. We will communicate with you with transparency about any changes, and we encourage you to reach out with suggestions, concerns, or questions. or 859-586-6181

As of this update, in May 2022, we are not requiring masks, tests, or vaccinations for campers or staff. We highly recommend vaccinations and pre-camp testing. Anyone who would like to wear a mask is welcome to, and anyone who is up-to-date with vaccinations and has had a recent household exposure may be obliged to, according to CDC guidance. We reserve the right to adjust these parameters based on risk factors as determined by our medical advisory team.

Please refer to this CDC calculator to determine isolation or quarantine guidelines if you have tested positive or if you have been exposed.

If a camper displays symptoms consistent with COVID-19, the camp nurse will communicate with the camper family about potential testing. Campers who are ill may not remain at camp so please have a plan to take care of your camper in the unlikely event that they need to leave early!


You can wear a mask if you want to!


Almost everything we do is outdoors!


Handwashing and sanitizing stations throughout camp and programming.


Here is how we operated in 2021 with regards to COVID safety.

  • Hiring camp counselors who are committed to youth development and upholding our safety standards
  • Meeting with our past summer staff to listen to their ideas and concerns for programming additions and modifications
  • Consulting with an advisory committee of health care professionals to review and assist with implementation of operational guidance
  • Adding staff trainings regarding mental health and COVID-19 anxiety, as well as a plan to support mental health during summercamp
  • Recommending low-risk activities before and after your camp session, pre-camp testing, and vaccinations for those eligible
  • For decades our campers have experienced daily camp programming as the cabin group. This will continue in 2021 with activities planned for each cabin group as a “cohort”
  • Through our experience with our 2020 day camp program, we learned that wearing masks at camp is truly possible—and so we’re ready to mask up in summer 2021 too (when we’re indoors, or outdoors with a group other than our own cabin and can’t maintain distance)
  • Multi-cabin activities/programs will be in open air and utilizing physical distancing
  • Evening programs, typically conducted with 10-20 cabin groups together, will be in smaller groups
  • Program planning will include reducing shared equipment and increasing sanitizing of program supplies
  • We’re planning to still have a blast on the zipline and the rest of the ropes course, plus of course the lake, pools, and creeks!
  • Additional outdoor dining locations, limiting capacity in the dining halls
  • Campers will still eat with their cabin groups as has always been our tradition
  • Breakfasts at the cabin areas and lunch and dinner served to staggered groups, cafeteria style, with alternatives and salad bar options still available!
  • Our screened cabins are well-suited to outdoor air flow. In Lakeview Lodge  added filters and windows open. Most of our activities are already held outdoors in nature.
  • We have kept the capacities at 60%.
  • Hand sanitizing/hand washing stations all around camp, including at the entrance to every cabin
  • Scheduled cleaning and sanitizing of shared spaces around camp
  • Camp leaders will conduct daily health screenings of campers and staff. All participants will be encouraged to monitor their health and participate only in low risk activities prior to their camp session.
  • Our camp nurses and physicians will communicate with parents if symptoms arise and follow strict protocol on responding to symptoms or suspected cases (Symptomatic campers will need to be picked up from camp)
  • Outdoor triage stations for basic first aid
  • For overnight camp, vaccination or negative COVID (viral) test within 3 days of camp check in is recommended
  • Drop off/pick up:  efficient check in and check out for all of our campers while family members stay in the car.
  • Stayover weekends (between two weeks of overnight camp) will be unavailable this summer
  • Even with best practices, we cannot guarantee a COVID-free summer. Please review our cancellation policy here
  • Are the campers going to be sleeping in masks?
    • No. Cabinmates are considered a household, and therefore do not need to mask up while interacting with each other. They will have to be masked when in indoor facilities, except while eating.
  • Will the campers have to wear a mask outside?
    • Not as much as you may think. Check out this chart of when a camper will be masked or not.
    • Day Campers will not wear masks, except when they are sitting in close contact with each other and in the event they need to go indoors.
  • Do Overnight Campers have to provide a negative Covid test?
    • It is not required but recommended that unvaccinated individuals test 1-3 days prior to the arrival to make sure you are not asymptomatic. Here are two great sources about how and where to get a test.


As a mom and a camp professional, I am grateful for our camp families who trust us with the health and safety of their campers every summer. Our camp leadership team, including our camp nurses and INCREDIBLE camp pediatrician Chris Cunha, MD, were thrilled that our COVID mitigation plan carried us safely through summer 2021. Thank you to all of our camp families (more than 3000!) who trusted our implementation of the research, local and national guidance on preventing the spread of COVID in camps. We are so happy to be back to the business of helping campers shine their lights all around the world! WELCOME TO CAMP, 2022!!!

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