6-9 year olds (entering grades 1-4)

Younger campers experience a gentler introduction to resident camp while staying in Lakeview Lodge, where all the camp amenities are under one roof. Campers live in cabins with 10-12 other campers their same age and gender with two to three counselors.

At Lakeview Lodge, there is always a game of four-square or Ga-Ga being played. Campers and counselors enjoy playing games in the lobbies in the lodge and in the fields right outside their cabins.

10-12 year olds (entering grades 5-7)

Campers enjoy all the action-packed camp activities while living in traditional summer cabins with 10-12 children their same age and two to three counselors. Campers love hanging out on the porch of their cabins or playing games like roofball, tether ball, and soccer in the fields right outside their cabin doors. Valley campers eat their meals in the historic dining hall.

13-15 year olds (entering grades 8-10)

Leaders In Training (LITs) stay in the Loft or Longhouse. 15 year olds
(entering grade 10) enrolled in Crew, a special leadership training program, stay in the Yurt Village. 

The LIT schedule includes the best elements of traditional camp plus an extreme hike, leadership segments, and other activities which build confidence, decision making skills, and friendships. Living in the Loft and Longhouse is phenomenal community living. LITs enjoy creating friendships with their own cabin mates and their neighbors. The LITs eat meals in Lakeview Lodge.

The Crew is a two-week leadership development program for 10th graders. The Crew lives in the Yurt Village and serve meals in both dining halls at camp. For more information about the Crew program, visit our crew page.


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