Volunteer Opportunities


At camp, we rely on hundreds of volunteers to make our programs run smoothly. Please contact Executive Director,
Eli Cochran
for more information on volunteering!

Summer Camp Sunday Check-in Ambassador
Adult volunteers are needed to help camper families feel comfortable moving their camper in to a cabin for the week by greeting, giving directions, and answering questions.

School Rep
Student and parent volunteers are needed to be the “Ground Team” for YMCA Camp Ernst by helping to promote camp programs within their networks through fliers, events, word of mouth, and focus groups.

Scholarship Campaign
Student and parent volunteers are needed to help raise funds for our summer camp scholarship program through personal fundraising goals, helping with thank you calls, and writing thank you notes.

Day of 100 Hands Volunteer
Parents and their children are encouraged to come volunteer on these days where the camp community works together to get the camp property ready for summer - projects include raking leaves, planting trees, mending fences, painting cabins, etc. 

S’more Festival Volunteers
Student and parent volunteers are needed to help run stations for these two fundraising events.

Camp Nurse
Camp Ernst employs two RNs each week of summer camp to help us manage first aid, medication administration, and general health care at camp.  This role is especially attractive to camp-loving nurse-parents who love being at camp at the same time with their own kids!

In addition to our own camp staff photographers, we have an opportunity for an adult volunteer for each week of camp who will travel to camp each day and take photos of campers and counselors having fun for our online photo gallery.